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The Forge is Open!

Finished Assault Phaser
Our Price: $80.00
BSG Tan BDU Shirt
Our Price: $160.00

FALL 2016 Update Notice:


With Halloween FAST approaching, if there's an item you need for the holiday, you need to order ASAP.

We cannot guarantee that orders placed AFTER OCTOBER 12th will arrive in time for Halloween!

As always we will try and accommodate your order requests, but we cannot guarantee it after that date. International orders will still take 10-14 days on average to make it overseas.


  • After a 3 year absence, we are now offering the Firefly Jayne Pistol again!

  • We also are offering a NEW master of the M70 pistol from Space: Above And Beyond!

This pistol replica is SUPER clean and sharper than the original stunt pistol we offered a few years ago!


We're down to the last of the SG-1 OD Offworld Jackets!
When we first offered these jackets they cost over $350!

The only sizes we have left are 3XL and 4XL...

Sale priced: $170.00!!

That's almost $200 off the original price!

We have additional projects in the works, and as always, feel free to email if you have any questions!

Thanks for visiting, and have a great day!



Welcome to Alchemy Arms!

Or as we like to shorten it... "Alchemy Arms: Costumes, Props and Memorabilia Emporium". (^_^)

Our goal is to offer you high quality Science fiction props, costumes and collectibles at a reasonable price.

With over 70 years of combined experience in Props and Costumes, we hope you'll find something to help you reach for the stars and be the hero or heroine you always wanted to be.

Most of the items offered here are custom made to order so please be patient with us as we gear up and build up our inventory to better serve you. Some production delays are caused because we (the builders)
are at a convention or our inventory has been shipped for sale to a convention.

We are always looking for ways to help the props and costuming fans out, so if you don't see a product
you want, let us know and we will try to make it happen.

Please Note: While much of our inventory is in stock and ready to ship, we do occasionally sell out of an item and your item may be put on a back order status. Shipping times for fabric items such as complete
costumes may take longer to ship than prop replicas.

If you need an item for an upcoming convention, please let us know in advance! With advance notice we will make every effort to get you your item in time for your convention experience.

At Alchemy Arms, Imagination IS our business!


This Week's Super Deal!

FireFly Autograph - Jewel Staite

Our Price: $50.00
Signed 8" x 10" color photograph of Jewel Staite as "Kaylee" from the TV Show "Fire Fly".

Signed in person by Jewel Staite with a blue Sharpie marker.  You will get one of these four autographs.

Come with Alchemy Arms' Certificate of Authenticity.

Top Sellers

SGC Offworld Team Patches - Discounted Jacket puchase set.
Finished Mal's Pistol Prop
Our Price: $80.00
SGC Offworld Team Patch - SG-1
Our Price: $8.00

New Products

Unfinished Jayne's "Boo" Pistol kit
Our Price: $65.00
UNFinished Closed Zat' Gun Kit
Our Price: $55.00
Finished "Winona" Peacekeeper Pistol from Farscape
Our Price: $60.00
SG-1 Basic GDO Kit.
Our Price: $47.00
UNFinished Closed BABY Zat' Gun Kit
Our Price: $30.00