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Jayne's Nylon Tactical Holster for his "Boo" Pistol
Our Price: $60.00

Nylon tactical holster like the one Jayne Cobb kept his "Boo" by his side in. This holster is actually made for a full sized pistol with a tactical light or laser. Our Jayne's "Boo" pistol fits perfectly in it without any modifications.

We care a very limited stock for conventions, so expect it to take 3 to 8 weeks to be shipped since we will have to order them from our overseas supplier.
BSG Holster Galactica Battlestar FN 57 FiveSeven
BSG Nylon Holster - Season 2 (FN-FiveSeven/Clamshell)
Our Price: $79.00

Replica of the BSG "New Series" Nylon holster.

This holster fits the Season 2 FN-FiveSeven Colonial Fleet pistol with Grenade Launcher AND
also the Clamshell pistol!

These are custom made by an actual tactical equipment company so they take up to
4 - 12 weeks.
Leather Holster for Mal's Pistol
Our Price: $100.00

Custom wet formed leather holster made to fit the Mal's Pistol Prop. These were designed to replicate the holster Mal used, but in a more "rustic" look. The wet forming of the holster keeps the holster from damaging the prop gun's paint and the prop itself.

These are custom made leather holsters and usually take 2-6 weeks to be made.

You can chose Left or Right handed holsters and what color you want. If these fields are left blank, we will default to a Right Handed Rustic Brown color holster.
SGA Shephard SERPA Holster
Our Price: $125.00

Replica of Lt Colonel Shepard's drop down SERPA Holster. You get the SERPA Holster, the ABS plastic "paddle", the nylon tactical drop holster attachment unit, and two leg straps with side release plastic buckles. The SERPA holster can be changed to fit most pistol models on request. The default model SERPA holster is for the Colt Model 1911 type pistol.

This is a custom made item. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks (usually less) for shipping.

This is for the holster only. Pistol belt and pistol are NOT included.